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Crate Training Your Yorkie from:

  • Yorkies are the most popular toy dog breed, and with good reason. They are smart, learn tricks quickly, have lots of energy, and love to be in the laps of their loving owners. However, training them can be a headache if not done correctly. This article will help you understand how to properly crate train your Yorkie dog.
  • If you’ve ever owned a small dog you know they don’t potty-train as easy as the larger breeds. Crate training is good for many reasons, potty-training being one of them. You should keep your
    Yorkie in their crate during the night time and when noone is at the house. This will keep them from roaming the house, possibly peeing in it. In addition, most dogs wont urinate in the same
    area they have to sleep in. Just be sure to immediately take your Yorkie from the crate to go outside.
  • Some people may think that keeping animals locked up in crates is cruel, but it isnt. Most Yorkies will start to like being in their crate, because they feel a sense of security in it.
  • You should buy a nice, comfy bed for your Yorkies crate. The hard bottom can be umconfortable for a small Yorkie.
  • Never punish your Yorkie by making them go to their crate. You don’t want your Yorkie to associate their crate with negativity. Their crate should be something they like to in. Crates are also a good way to transport your Yorkie, or if you need a family member to watch them.