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Remember Your Puppy Will Grow Up Someday


Chocolate brown eyes, a warm nose and eager licking are classic
images of an adorable puppy. From children to burly men, a puppy
can level the playing field fast. There’s something soothing
about a little puppy who just wants to snuggle in your arms.

What dog owner hasn’t thought, “I wish he would stay a puppy
forever?” In less than a year, that tiny fur ball could weigh
more than your teenage son and eat more than he does, too!

If you bring home your puppy at a very young age, you have the
opportunity to train him to function within your environment.
You also get to enjoy those hilarious moments when a puppy makes
discoveries like chasing his own tail or catching a ball.

These times are so memorable. If you believe the old adage, “you
can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” then you definitely want to
start with a puppy and raise him the way you want him to mature.

As dogs age, they take on more of the natural characteristics of
their breed. Even ferocious guard dogs were once cuddly puppies
with looks that could melt hearts. Once grown, that same dog can
stare a hole through an intruder instantly be prepared to rip
his hearts out to protect his territory (and his owners).

Show dogs may be gentler, but they require intense, repetitive
training. If you want the show dog to perform on command, you
can’t confuse him with occasional babying behaviors. Dogs who
have roles to play take those roles seriously.

To keep a sense of the puppy pet for a lifetime, you can choose
a small lap dog. Some breeds are content with frequently being
held and petted. They have the patience to sit with idle owners
for hours in front of the TV.

Actually, they have more patience with inactivity as adult dogs
than they have as puppies. The nature of being a puppy is like
that of being a toddler – it’s a time for exploring, running and
making mistakes.

Puppies are so excited about every new thing – whether it’s a
toy or a butterfly floating in the air – that they quickly
forget the command you gave. They wander around, even outside
the protective boundaries of your yard.

Life with a puppy can be both wonderful and exhausting. A puppy
desperately wants your love and approval, so you have to correct
it without being harsh. You can’t compare one puppy to another,
even if they are the same breed.

Each puppy has its own personality and abilities, so he’ll
progress with training at his pace, not the same pace as his
siblings or the dog you owned previously. Dogs, like humans, can
be charming babies and irritating adults – or just the opposite.
So be prepared to love the dog you have for a lifetime.